Why ECR?

ECR experts make it simple. We provide swift, reliable intelligence to enable better decision-making, lower risk exposure and increased profitability. With ECR as a partner, you’ll benefit from:

ECR Expertise: Our skilled, multifunctional teams have their finger on the pulse in both local and global markets. Our understanding provides the very smartest analytical advice and consulting service.

ECR Innovation: With over 170 years combined experience, ECR experts have the ability to think laterally, translating technically complex scenarios into bespoke, flexible solutions.

ECR Honesty: We tell you how things really are. We empower you with the facts, sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience and can give pragmatic recommendations.

ECR Quality: State-of-the-art methods combined with ECR expertise delivers results. ECR clients can make better risk decisions and enjoy greater profitability.

ECR Independence: ECR shareholders do not have conflicts of interest, are not connected to asset servicers, are not brokers or connected to lenders or portfolio owners in any way. We believe in absolute clarity at all times.

ECR In House: Unlike some competitors, all ECR projects, audits and analyses are conducted by our own ECR experts, in house. That is the only way to ensure consistent expertise and reliable results.

ECR Punctuality: We meet your project deadlines, on time, every time.


Our skilled, multifunctional teams have expertise in both local and global markets... More


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