Accumulated Experiences

Clients: Two multi-national banks, who are currently actively reviewing the opportunities for the market in regards to Peer to Peer (P2P) lending and investing.

Project: Credit and Prudency Risk Reviews including the examination of procedural and regulatory policy and procedure.

Review of a cross section of asset class files (both P2P consumer and SME loans) to establish compliance both with company and regulatory policies and reporting on the level of prudence in relation to established finance industry practices. In addition ECR were required to generally review overall company practices such as banking, cash handling, complaints handling and system and data/document security. The reviews also took account of the evolving regulatory environment that P2P funders find themselves in both from a lending perspective (CCA/FCA) and Investor (FCA/BoE).

Client: Swiss bank / Project: Consulting

White label partnership with local banks in Italy, research and design suite of innovative residential mortgage loan products for the Italian market resulting in a range of new retail products designed to better manage risk and allow packaging for securitisation.

Client: US investment group / Project: Due Diligence

Provision of full granular due diligence of 3000 cases originated by 5 Spanish lenders to include title verification, data integrity, portfolio management, loan collection analysis and workout strategies.

Clients: Canadian and US banks / Project: DD and Servicing

Multi-jurisdictional bank audit in Central America on behalf of seller. Preparation of reports on asset quality and performance of residential and SME loans for potential purchaser.

Clients: US bank and US car manufacturer / Project: Compliance, DD, Data Integrity

Analysis of tranches of personal auto finance agreements. Re-underwrite, data verification and capture, regulatory compliance, vehicle value check, customer servicing & complaints, insurance & gap add-ons.

Clients: Private Equity fund and Czech bank / Project: Commercial DD and Servicing

Assessment of the quality of the lending of the Bank’s commercial property portfolio consisting of hotels, factories and other commercial properties. Confirmation of the the prudence of the lending and review the procedure and timeliness of collection activities. Assessment of and report on the risks in the portfolio to assist the client’s due diligence process before purchasing the Bank.

Client: German bank / Project: Lending quality, data integrity, title check

Review of the quality of commercial loans granted by German bank for the purchase of apartment blocks by German Housing Associations. Confirmation of data integrity of the information supplied by the lender. Title verification and report on the cases where no first charge was seen.

Client: UK building society / Project: Compliance and NPL

Assessment of the overdraft portfolio as part of the sale of a Building Society. Confirmed if the correct procedures had been adopted in each case. Review of non-performing cases and assessed the adequacy of the collection procedures and commented on performance.

Client: Hedge fund / Project: Process, DI, NPL and evident risk

Assessment of the lender’s credit card accounts in Ireland in respect of credit assessment procedures, review of the collections performance, confirmation of the data integrity of the lender’s information and provision of advice on the potential evident risks of individual cases.


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Clients: Two multi-national banks, who are currently actively reviewing the opportunities for the market in regards... More